1. Isolate your subject from distracting background objects. A step to the right or left, or kneeling may remove these distractions from competing with your subject.
2. Blur your background if possible by shooting on Aperture Priority. Open your lens by setting your aperture to the lowest f stop number (f2.8, f4, f5.6), this will put your background out of focus allowing your subject to “pop”.
3. Watch your light source. Try to position yourself with the sun to your back – your shadow will, like a sundial be directed towards your subject.
4. Get out early– before or at sunrise – or late, a couple of hours before sunset. This will provide you with the “sweet light”.
5. Use a tripod or brace yourself against a firm stationary object. If that’s your car, make sure you turned off the engine so that you don’t pick up vibration.

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