If you are visiting the west coast of Florida, check out the following nature guide books by Charles Sobzcak, featuring pictures from yours truly (Dick & Sara): Living Sanibel and/or Living Gulf Coast. They are both available in many places in Sanibel, on line, many bookstores in Ft. Myers, Amazon, etc. Charlie has put together the first comprehensive field guide to the native flora & fauna of Sanibel/Captiva Islands.

The Living Sanibel is 512 pages with more than 650 full color photographs, illustrations and maps. Many of the photos are ours (throughthelens) in addition to other wonderful photographers such as Alan Maltz, Rob Pailes and illustrator Dianne Pebbles. Two hundred and 91 species of birds are identified in this work, all of the islands 23 mammals, plus more than 50 reptiles and amphibians. For those bikers, the biking trail is totally outlined, including rest stops and water fountains. This includes 65 miles of hiking and biking trails found in both islands. There is even a section on Sanibel's 7 museums and eco attractions in great detail.

Living Sanibel is a wonderful tool for both residents and visitors to better understand the complex eco system and the animals and plants within it that make these islands so unique and compelling.

© Sara And Dick
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